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Dope Rhyme Villainz (Self Titled) - Self Titled Debut LP

Spark one up with Dope Rhyme Villainz. The avant-garde Hip Hop duo that uses an eclectic blend of Rap, G-Funk, Rock and Electronic influences to create a dank, flavorful Detroit blend of sound.

Shadow & Olin Ezra along with veteran musicians T Money Green, Andrew May and DJ Rec collaborate to generate this groups gritty and explosive debut LP. Shadow's smooth and laidback style combines with the energetic and dynamic sound of Olin Ezra to create thirteen unique powerhouse tracks. Songs like Mary Jane with its smooth bass, subtle guitar and light laidback feel contrast a darker and more sinister perspectives on Addict and Machete.

Produced by T Money Green (Death Row; The Dramatics) who has worked with some of the most prominiate and influencal producers, musicians, singers and rappers including Dr Dre; Snoop Dog; George Clinton; LJ Reynolds & many more. T's saucy and heavy basslines bring tracks like Mary Jane and Dope Rhyme Villain to life.

Guitarist Andrew May who's style is steeped in Detroit rock churns out a bluesy and dramatic sound that only he can call his own. Highlighting Dope Rhyme Villain, Mary Jane and more with an undeniable presence.

DJ Rec (Eminem) has peppered the album with his keen production sense and skill of turntablism on tracks like Addict and Machete.

Enjoy the album.